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Green House


This building housed a pub which was famous for being able to offer home-made wine which was made "in house". In the 16th century under Ferdinand I members of the Austro-Hungarian Aristocracy met here. In the 17th century the trials of those who had taken part in the anti-Habsburg uprising were conducted in this (and other) buildings. In the 18th century the building contianed a theatre. In this theatre Molier and Shakespeare were first performed in Bratislava. This theatre was frequented by Empress Maria Theresea and her family.


This was originally a Gothic house built in the 15th century and has since then been rebuilt and "repaired" many times. A stone relief with a Biblical theme is located on one of the window ledges.

General Information

It is called Green House because this is the main colour which has been used over the years for both the exterior and interior.

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