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Jezuit College

General information

After the dissolution of the Jezuit order a school, censors office, Lawyers Academy and Faculty of Law were gradually moved here. Several important figures in Slovak cultural and political life studied here. These included M Mudron, V Kutlik, S H Vajansky and M Stefanovic. Since 1936 the building has housed the Roman Catholic, Cyril & Method Theological Faculty.


This late-renaisance building was erected in 1635 on the site of several older buildings which had, in the middle ages, housed a school. The present building was built on the orders of the Bishop of Esztergom Peter Pázmán. It was designed by J Ravu for the needs of the Jezuit College. On the faccade of the building on the Pediment is a Jezuit and the coat of arms of P Pázmán

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