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Slovak National Theatre


The Slovak National Theatre building on Hviezdoslav Square is home to opera and ballet productions by the Slovak National Theatre Company. Theatrical productions are performed at the P. O. Hviezdoslav and Small Stage theatres.

Details of and tickets for performances at all these theatres can be obtained from the ticket office on Komenskeho namestie (Komenius Square) tel. 55228.


This neorennaisance building was built from 1884 to 1886 according to plans by the Viennese architects R. Fellnera and H. Helmera on the site of the old Stavovske Divadlo (Guild Theatre).

During reconstruction in 1969-1972 the building was extended to the rear.

Lighting in the main auditorium is provided by a large sphere holding some 2532 light bulbs thus allowing a multitude of different lighting variations.

In front of the building can be found the Ganymede Fountain.

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